That is one weird kid!

Zachary is a character in Mal and Chad.


Zachary is arrogant, selfish, and brags a lot. He often calls himself a genius, and answers nearly every question in class. He always calls Mal a dunce. But Zachary seems to lack common sense and Mal often takes advantage of his slow wit.

When Zachary re-assembled Mal's time machine, he thought he had invented it himself, revealing how egotistic he was. But when Zachary started to tinker with it, he ripped a hole in the fabric of time. Chad had to take Zachary back to the gym due to his bad condition.

Zachary also invented a puppet named Zachary Junior for the talent show, but his act failed due to his lack of skill in ventriloquism.


  • Zachary often finds Mal talking to the statue of Einstein.
  • He somehow often ends up with Mal's lunch.
  • He tends to show up at inopportune times, such as when Mal is trying to connect with Megan.
  • He somehow manages to get the credit for everything that Mal actually did.
  • In Belly Flop!, Megan gave her last invitation to Zachary.