You're a big dork, Mal!


Megan McGinty is a character in Mal and Chad. She has strong athletic abilities, and is often perceived as cool. Although Mal likes her, she does not seem to like him back. Megan has done a science experiment with Zachary, and also has feelings for Chad. She thinks he is cute, and came close to finding out that he could talk.



Megan has a complicated relationship with Mal. He looks for any reason to talk to her and won't leave her alone. For example, he bought a cookie and wanted to split it with her. Another time, he asked her to be his partner for the science fair.


Megan seems very popular in school, she has a lot of friends. Like Carly and Ashley, she is perceived as "cool" and tends to draw attention to herself. However, she can be nice when she is in good mood. She is always annoyed when Mal won't stop bothering her.


  • Most of the time, Megan wears a shirt with a flower.
  • Megan is revealed to have brothers, one of whom appeared in Belly Flop!.
  • Megan is sympathetic and kind, but is easily influenced by Zachary. As shown in The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!.
  • Megan is one of the more popular characters in Mal and Chad.