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Mal and Chad is a three book graphic novel series and a former comic strip.


Mal and Chad logo


In the development of Mal and Chad, Stephen McCranie drew the comic strip in his college years for the college newspaper. Later, he published the books under Philomel Books.

The Comic


A sample comic strip

The comic features Mal and Chad at the start of fourth grade. Nearly all the characters from the graphic novels are present. Mal asks Megan him to marry him many times, and she gets annoyed by it. Zachary tries to put Mal down by insulting him. The comic features a play, and a robot that Mal built.

Graphic Novels

Around 2011-2012, McCranie published several of his books. They featured Mal possibly much later in fourth grade. In the books, he and his dog Chad go on wild adventures. Chad hates waiting for Mal to come home from School. Zachary and Megan are also main characters, as Megan is Mal's biggest crush and Zachary acts as one of the main antagonists in the story.