It's a lab coat!
— Mal, Food Fight!

Mal is a main character in Mal and Chad.


Mal is the main protagonist in the series, he has a crush on Megan. Mal invents things such as the Weather Cube. He has a great relationship with his best friend Chad. Although at school, Mal has never revealed he is a genius. And is often looked at as a dork.

Outside of school, Mal goes on crazy adventures. He used a device to shrink him and Chad to go exploring in the kitchen sink, and once went back in time. Whenever he got home or his inventions messed up, his mom would often yell at him to go take a bath.



Mal has an odd relationship with Megan, he is always on her tail. And she gets very annoyed, along with her two best friends, Ashley and Carly. Mal never stops following and talking to Megan, and she often calls him a dork. Once, he asked if she would like to split a cookie with him.


Mal also has a complicated relationship with Zachary, who won't stop bragging. Zachary often calls Mal a "Dunce." Which provokes Mal even more. Mal often gives Zachary his food when there is something urgent.


  • Mal always wears a lab coat, and people often see it as a robe.
  • Mal taught Chad how to talk using a special invention, which remains unnamed.
  • Mal got Chad as a present for his birthday.


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